Clarity Web Services

Websites that integrate with your Clarity systems

Clarity Web Services is a new service that links your Clarity software systems with the internet

Using our unique synchronisation software you can open up new sales and customer service channels that will propel your business to the next level, increasing job margins and driving regular repeat business from happy customers.

The opportunities to evolve your business into the best in the industry are instantly achievable with Clarity Web Services. Having your MIS and website integrated means you can fight off your nearest rivals by delivering jobs faster, whilst reducing manual errors and time spent on double-entry of data. The returns are huge and plain to see.

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Use Clarity Web Services to

  • ✓ Increase your web presence

  • ✓ Create a memorable first impression

  • ✓ Sell online using items from your Clarity price lists

  • ✓ Improve and automate customer communications

  • ✓ Share real-time job progress information securely

  • ✓ Reduce errors and confusion across the business

  • ✓ Speed up your delivery times

  • ✓ Get cash into the business quicker

Design and build of functional websites

Are you using the web to its full potential?

Capture new prospects directly into your database at any time of the day or week. Send automated emails to your customers and your sales team as soon as someone makes an enquiry through your website. Sell goods and services online. Share job progress information in real time with your customers.

Websites must be functional and deliver and return on investment and our websites are designed to do just that, delivering measurable results to your bottom line in leads, sales, efficiency and service optimisation.

Clarity Web Services can build you a tailored, results-driven website from the ground up, or scope the potential to seamlessly integrate your existing website with your Clarity systems. Either way, we give you an edge on your competitors and enable you to trade any time of the day without human intervention.

Itís true joined up working across all your systems, positioning you at the front of the industry and giving you a powerful internet presence.

Sell online using your Clarity price lists

Clarity Web Store is a packaged solution for you to get selling your products online with the minimum of hassle.

We know you donít have the time to be updating your website with the latest product descriptions, images, prices and stock levels.

Thatís why weíve done the hard work for you, developing our unique synchronisation software to constantly upload your Clarity price list items to your site so thereís no need to re-enter anything.

Simply choose your price lists from Clarity Pro, sync them with your website and sit back and watch your sales increase as you reach new audiences on a 24/7 selling platform.

Create secure customer login areas

How often do your customers ring in asking for an update on the progress of their order? How much of your time does it take up? Wouldnít it be great if you could securely share this information automatically with them via the internet?

Just think how much manual labour time you could eliminate by giving customers real-time updates of their orders online. It could save you a fortune and itís simple to do on your website using Clarityís unique synchronisation software.

We have the expertise to create private portals for your customers to access their information, using their email address and password for security.

The information they see in their online account is decided by you under strict controls and offers your customers an incredible online experience, making them come back for more.

Imagine the confidence your customers will have in you if they are supplied with:

  • History of orders
  • Outstanding balances
  • Flexible payment options
  • Progress of orders in production e.g. Scheduled, WIP, Completed.
  • Expected delivery or installation dates
  • Artwork and file upload links
  • Courier company updates
  • A message centre for contacting specific employees or teams

Explore the opportunities today

To find out how Clarity Web Services can increase your sales, professionalism and market presence call us on +44 (0)121 248 2448 right now, or email

We offer a free no-risk consultation so you can understand exactly where your business can profit and what timescales are realistic for delivery.